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What’s really inside Descendants of the Sun?

Writer Kim Won Seok’s original script was about doctors and war. It’s apparently a great story, proven by winning first place in a national contest. But years after winning, it was still left on papers, not made into a movie/drama. Because clearly, that story wouldn’t sell. Kdrama viewers want loveline, couples, shipping etc… not a “boring” slice-of-life story, no matter how meaningful. It’s a fact. It’s the charm and also the downfall of Kdramas all these years anyway. So what to do? The production team invited KES to turn it into a love story – that would definitely sell. Simply speaking, they wanted to tell a deeper story, they got to spend more than half of screen time telling a love one first.

Surely to me, DotS plotline is far from being shallow. People who say it’s shallow actually are the ones who don’t, or can’t, see deep enough… Continue reading

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