Goblin in throwback: Kim Shin’s lines

I must write this because
Remember. I have to remember
That strange and beautiful drama’s name is GOBLIN, THE LONELY AND GREAT GUARDIAN

Every moment I spent with Goblin shined. Because the scene was happy, because the scene was sad, because the scene was sweet enough, all the scenes were good.

I love every moment of it.

Goblin became the brilliant and memorable part of my 20s,
Cái thời chỉ cần thấy một làn gió lay động một nhành hoa hay một cánh bướm bay qua là lại thấy đời tươi đẹp và dịu dàng trân quý…


Tại sao ngôn ngữ của Kim Shin thống thiết chân thành, chân thật và có sức nặng đến thế?

[you don’t know how genius Kim Eun Sook is, it’s all literal in the drama’s context]

1. You are my life and my death

“Life is walking up to me
Death is walking up to me
From life to death
You walk up to me tirelessly
Then I say something like this
‘I am not in sorrow.
This is good enough.
It has to be.'”

“You are my life
and my death,
and I like you.
Thus, I keep this secret
and ask above for permission.
May you not know for one more day.
May you not know for 100 years more.”

2. Every moment with you shined

– You may have time to kill since you live forever but I’m an average human being so time is gold and money. How long must I be on standby? I’m busy with school and my part-time job. (Ji Eun Tak)
– Tomorrow. (Kim Shin)
– Why not today? I’m free today.
– Not today. Tomorrow. It’s too nice out today. I want to take a walk with you.


– Tomorrow.
– Again? Why? Let me do it before I go to school.
– The weather stinks today. I’ll need to pick you up later.

– Tomorrow. One more day.
– Why not today?
– Just one more day…



– Are you really going to die? (Grim Reaper)
– Uh. Before the first snowfall. (Kim Shin)
– Why the first snowfall?
– I don’t want to ruin her first snowfall.


– Daebak… it’s snowing/ It’s the first snowfall, Ahjussi/ Gunde (지만/but), why is it snowing already?/ wa, that’s miraculous/ I like it because it’s pretty but the flowers must be cold. Right?/ We’re seeing the earliest snowfall ever. Uri/ Gunde, this is Ahjussi, right?/ You wanted me to pull out the sword when it snowed. (Ji Eun Tak)

– I’m sorry for being selfish, but I wanted something to remember by. (Kim Shin)

[who’s gonna remember if you will be dead anyway?]


“… Every moment I spent with you shined.
Because the day was good, because the day was bad, because the day was just so. All the days were good. I loved every moment of it.

And whatever happens, it’s not your fault.”

3. [But when it comes to love, “love” is the hardest word for this man to say, so hard that he hides it all.
Because of Goblin, now even the word “me, too” becomes so meaningful and beautiful to me. There is a whole history in this word.]

  • “you are very ugly.”

  • “Not today, I’ll just laugh with you for tonight.”

– What will you do about my third wish, then? part time job, my aunt, and a boyfriend. A boyfriend! (Ji Eun Tak)
– That won’t ever happen in your life. Don’t wait for it. (Kim Shin)
– Why not?
– Because I don’t want it to happen.
– What kind of reason is that? Ahjussi. Do you like me?
– 아니야  (aniya/no)
– What have you been doing all this time?
– I was waiting for you.
– Stop talking nonsense.
– I wasn’t joking.
– You have no idea. But I’m insane to be laughing right now.
    All right, next time. Not today, I’ll just laugh with you for tonight.

  • “I will if you need me to. I love you.”

– Ahjussi. Do you love me?
– I will if you need me to. I love you.
– Do you really hate me that much?
   How much do you have to hate me to be this sad? It’s pouring out there.

  • “I really don’t like the part of me that likes you.”

– Having to like you. I couldn’t be more foolish. (Kim Shin)
– What… did you just say to me? (Ji Eun Tak)
– It’s fine if you missed it.
– I heard everything.
– Then good.

  • “First love hurt”

– You’re an adult.
    You shouldn’t fall asleep in random places. (Ji Eun Tak)
– I’m sick. That’s why.
– Are you awake?
– I smelled your muscle patch.
– My body aches. Does yours hurt, too? You said you were okay before.
– I lied.
– You always lie. Get well soon.
– You don’t know where it hurts.
– Where does it hurt?
– My first love hurt me really badly.
– She must’ve been really pretty. You even wrote something about her.
– She’s very pretty. Every day. She’s pretty.
– You’re very sick. You’re in a critical condition. Sleep well so that your body aches really badly.
– Don’t go.
– Why not? I don’t care about someone who isn’t over his first love. What a thing to say to your bride.
– She’s pretty if you look hard enough. So stay here.
– I told you not to use words that start with a certain letter. [ch]ot/first]
– You are so mean. [chem…]
– Stop it.

  • “I need your permission.”

– I’m scared. I’m so scared.
   That’s why I want you to keep saying you need me.
   I want you to ask me to do even that.
   I want some sort of an excuse that will double as your permission.
   With that excuse, I wish I could go on living. With you.

  • “나도 꽃 (Na-do)”

– Me too.
– What?
– Forget it if you don’t know.
– I know all.
– That’s good, then.

there comes their vow: /Na-do/

– Until death does us part, to every word you say, no matter what: Me too. (Kim Shin)
– Even if death separates us, to every word you say, no matter what: Me too. (Ji Eun Tak)

  • Only at death’s door, he finally said it…  T_T:

사랑한다 (Saranghanda)

4. and some more …

  • “Ta đang tìm kiếm điều gì? Là kết thúc lời nguyền trường sinh bất diệt hay là gương mặt em? À, thì ra là gương mặt em.”

  • “I missed her…. very much.”

지은탁 : 근데요. 아까 거기 있었죠?
김신 : 제가 어디에도 있고 어디에도 없는 편이라…
지은탁 : 아까 거기 영상 22도 방송국 앞
김신 : 누구 좀 보려구요… 그리웠거든요… 아주 많이. 보고 있으면 내게 달려와 금방이라도 안길 것 같고. 근데 그런 일들은 안일어난다는 걸 알기에, 마음이 아프고 그러네요.

– By the way, you were there, weren’t you? (Ji Eun Tak)
– I tend to be everywhere and nowhere… (Kim Shin)
– You know, outside the building when the temperature was 22°C.
– I was there to see someone… I missed her…. very much. When I look at her, I think she’ll run into my arms. But because I know that will not happen, my heart aches.


  • “If I don’t, will we meet again? Will you come to see me for the money?”


지은탁 : 근데요 제 5천원 안주세요?
김신 : 안주면 혹시 또 만나나요? 받으러 오실래요?
지은탁 : 받으러 가야죠. 죄값. 제 말 무슨말인지 알죠?
김신 : 모르겠는데…
지은탁 : 이 다음 뚀 있으면 그땐 신고할거란 이야기죠. 왜자꾸 동선이 겹치는지 알다가도 모르겠거든요.
김신 : 하하하하
지은탁 : 이번엔 왜 웃어요?
김신 : 몹시 좋아서. 이런 군간이 믿기지 않아서. 모든게 완벽해서

– By the way, are you not going to pay back my 5 dollars? (Ji Eun Tak)
– If I don’t, will we meet again? Will you come to see me for the money?
– I will for what you’ve done. You know what I mean, right?
– I don’t…
– What I’m saying is I’ll call the police if this happens again. I don’t know why we keep running into each other
– Hahaha
– Why did you laugh this time?
– Because I’m very happy, because of this unbelievable moment, everything’s perfect.

  • Ji Eun Tak’s lines


기역해. 기역해야돼
그사람 이름은 김신이야
키가 크고 웃을 때 슬퍼
비로 올거야
첫눈으로 올거야
약속을 지킬거야
넌 그사람의 신부야

Remember. You must remember.
That person’s name is Kim Shin.
He is tall, has a sad smile.
He will come as a rain
He will come as the first snow
He will keep his promise
Remember. You must remember.
You are his bride.



이곳에 남겠습니다.
이곳에 남아서
비로 가겠습니다
바람으로 가겠습니다
첫눈으로 가겠습니다
그거 하나만 그거 하나만
하늘의 허락을 구합니다.

I wish to remain here.
I will remain here,
and become the rain.
I will become the wind.
I will become the first snow.
Just for that one thing. Just for that one thing
I’m asking for a permission



무엇을 잊은걸까요?

어떤 얼굴을 잊고
무슨 약속을 잊어
이렇게 깊이 모를 슬픔만 남은 걸까요?
누가 저 좀…
아무나 제발 좀…

What have I forgotten?
Whom have I forgotten?
Whose face have I forgotten,
What promise have I forgotten,
to be in such a profound sorrow?
Anybody, please…
Please save me.



지은탁 : 근데 여기 들어오셨어요? 출입증도 없이

김신 : 누가 불러서…

– By the way, how did you get here? Without a pass
– Because someone called for me…



지은탁 : 왜 거기 앉아계시냐구요

김신 : 누가 불러서
지은탁 : 그건 그쪽 사정이구요. 합석 안할건데요. 그분은 안오셨어요?
김신 : 왔어요. 왔는데 절 못알아보네요
지은탁 : 네. 사연은 잘 들었구요. 근데 저 약속이 있어서 좀 불편하네요, 남자친구가 올거거든요
김신 : 남자친구 없는 것 같은데…

– Why are you sitting there?

– Someone called me
– That’s your problem. I don’t want to share a table with you. Did that person not showing up?
– She’s here. She’s here but she doesn’t recognise me.
 Ah, I see. I heard the story well. But I feel uncomfortable because I have an appointment with someone. My boyfriend will be here soon
– I don’t think you have a boyfriend…


“On that desert, he was so lonely that he sometimes walked backwards. He wanted to see the footsteps in front of him.”




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